I write this in English (Not my mother tongue) since I seem to be the only and lonely one here who actually and really is a true one, or rather yet, I identify with them! Why did 4 guys, from Los Angeles, change the life of a kid in Sweden…

The Dirt (movie) really did it, or…

Yes, it did, it found a new generation of Crüe-heads, But, did the new generation really inhabit the soul of what it’s all about, what Mötley is all about? Only future will tell and maybe they might find a new meaning that I did not notice. Anyhow, maybe that is what it is all about, finding a new generation that finds a new way to stand up against the system.

I don’t respond well to orders

Since a kid, about 4 years old, I remember myself having a fucking war with my kinder garden teacher. It seemed to be her passion in life to get me to obey her. I ran away all the time. I just wanted to be left alone and I wanted everyone to realize that I could take care of myself. The thing was, I really COULD take care of myself.

At about the same age, my 3-year older brother, introduced me to music. Mostly Kiss and Slade but, I shit you not, I was no more than 4 years old when I sat there, in my parents living room, holding Shout at The Devil in my tiny hands. When my brother lowered the pickup on that record player I was blow away. I didn’t understand a fucking word. But still, this was about me! It made me angry, it fueled the hatred to that fucking kindergarden teacher! I realized I had a mind and an opinion of my own. Problem was, everyone didn’t think like me.

Tattoo on my right arm

Red Hot?

The first time I, “found myself”, I was about 20´. All before that was a pandemonium of people trying to lower my self-esteem. Teachers telling my parents that I was; lazy, slow and careless. Really, I concur. I wasn’t that exited to build a landscape in papier mache and sing a song about it. I didn’t get why I needed to do algebra fast as a fucking leopard. I just didn’t fit, and it drove me fucking crazy to know I could master my world, without building it in papier mache. I made it my mission to change the system, to stand my ground (Ambitious little bastard), to provoke those teachers to hate me for standing up for something, for myself. I guess we spend at least 9 years getting red, fuckin, hot and angry at each other.

I might as well tell you; Today I’m a rather successful entrepreneur and I’m not lazy, I’m not slow and I DO give a whole lotta fuck about everything!

In the end (or the beginning)

I don’t give a fuck what anyone tells me. Most of them are put on this earth to tell us what not to do and what to think. I have made it my rule in life to do the exactly what they tell me NOT to do. It just makes sense to me.

The proudest moments in my life now is to hear my kids question me, my wife, their teachers, their surroundings. Deciding for themself what THEY believe in. They are much more secure than I was at that age. They stand their ground. I was just running…

I still try to send my 9 year old son to school with a t-shirt that says –“Go Fuck Yourself“. My son and I have tried to cover it with other sweaters, with a plan to reveal it when in school. But, his mother finds it every time. I guess the only lesson I’d like to give him is: – Whatever you do, refuse to stand in a fucking line, don’t let them box you! Because, you know better!

My name is Jakob, I’m 42 years old. Yesterday I dyed my hair blue! AND… I look fucking awesome! Go fuck yourself…